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Total Defense Immunity Blend

Total Defense Immunity Blend: The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic as people prepare for self-quarantine. Every day products are flying off the shelves making it harder and harder to get basic items. It is expected that the U.S. alone will see the number double and triple over the next year.

A top US health official has said it will take at least 12 months to 18 months to determine. If any vaccine is safe and effective against this ongoing pandemic. Which has killed more than 4,300 people and infected upwards of 120,000.

About Total Defense Immunity Blend

While people are rushing to buy toilet paper, sanitizer, water and food in preparations for a possible “self-quarantine”. Jamie has been stocking up on a product called Total Defense Immunity Blend. The herbal oil blend is an essential oil blend of several high potency oils. Total Defense Immunity Oil Fox News Advertorial That are claimed to kill germs and viruses among other health benefits.

Total Defense Immunity Blend

We asked researcher James Murdock what his thoughts where on the subject. “Actually, while we haven’t studied the direct effect of the oil on the COVID-19 disease. Total Defense Immunity Blend is plausible that it could have the ability to kill the virus on contact”. He went on to say that “since Total Defense Immunity Blend appears to also have cinnamon, clove, lemon, lime, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint and oregano oils. As the first line of defense against an outbreak in your home.”


We asked Jamie what her biggest fears are when it comes to the coronavirus in which she responded: “Honestly, we feel pretty at ease right now. My biggest fear is that Total Defense Immunity Blend will sell out before I have a chance to re-stock my supply. I always keep at least 5 bottles on me. Total Defense Immunity Oil Clean Advertorial But when you are dealing with a pandemic, that can go pretty quick. As a mom you want your family to feel safe, to be safe and to be as healthy as possible.

Total Defense Immunity Blend

I know I can’t pretend that this will prevent all future sickness in our home, but 4 years so far is pretty darn impressive. I love that is all natural and I believe that nature has the solution for all of the world’s ailments. We just have to know where to look. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing because Total Defense Immunity Oil works. And when they have a better solution to fight the coronavirus, I’ll weight my family’s options carefully.”

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